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They say that you should have a plan going into this whole podcast thing. I’m terrible at planning and I’m far too spontaneous to sink months into prep work. So, I figured, like every other opportunity in my life, I’m just gonna jump right in.

This is a show about nothing and a little bit of everything. Its a show that has no topic, has no format, and has no schedule. I’m sure all that stuff will come in time. And I’m sure that it’ll grow as those of you who choose to follow along influence it to. And I think that’s kinda cool.

I guess if this show is about anything, it’d be about the things that I find interesting, the people, the jobs, the stories, the hobbies, the journeys.

I’m fascinated by the stories people have to share. Their seasons of triumph or grief, the way single opportunities can serendipitously change the course of a life forever, and the quiet struggles that unite us and make us human.

My goal here is inspiration. Inspiration for a new hobby or career, inspiration to create, and inspiration to build, strengthen, or heal relationships. I hope, if you choose to follow along, that you’ll come to be inspired to do whatever it is that’s been smoldering away in the back of your mind for the last decade.

Let’s saddle up the mad pony and see where it takes us!

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